by Federica Dadone

On May 19th a new book of the Routledge series ‘Critical Research in Football’ has been published. The book is a direct result from the international conference ‘The Beautiful Game’ in 2018, organized by Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung in the well-known Topographie des Terrors. Afterwards, Routledge signed a book deal. This conference proved to be a relevant platform for academics and practitioners to share their expertise and knowledge.

The book takes a closer look at discrimination and anti-Semitism in the world of football, by highlighting several case studies and educational initiatives. Amongst the writers are CtC members Andreas Kahrs on remembrance and education projects in the world of football, Wojciech Wozniak with a case study on Poland and Joram Verhoeven and Willem Wagenaar on anti-Semitism in the Dutch football context. But it includes many more, like experts as dr. Emma Poulton and dr. Florian Schubert. The book was edited by Pavel Brunssen and prof. Stefanie Schüler-Springorum.

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