This weekend sees an excellent conference on antisemitsm take place in Spain. 

The conference is part of the European wide Changing the Chants event series on antisemitism in football.

Kolectivo sur is an ultras fan group supporting Xerez Deportivo FC for over more than 30 years. Apart from their loyal support of their club they also actively work on social themes too.

Throughout the year the fan group organises anti-racism and anti-discrimination activities. They are active with banners in the stadium on match days but also organise activities outside the stadium.

On a regular base Kolectivo Sur organises workshops, tournaments and events to support and raise awareness supporting disadvantaged groups, the LGBTIQ+ community and refugees and asylum seekers.

Carlos Delgado event coordinator from Kolectivo sur says

” We think that through football we can fight for a better world and a better Jerez as a city.”

On Saturday 18 September they organise their event on antisemitism. They have arranged for a selection of highly regarded speakers. The conference looks into to history of antisemitism in their city and region and makes a link to current affairs and th Changing the Chants project. You can view the program here.

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