First Contributors Workshop – Amsterdam

On October 29th 2019, the research pillar of the Changing the Chants-programme was officially launched at the first Contributors Workshop in Amsterdam. Borussia Dortmund, Feyenoord, Fare Network and the Anne Frank House met up with the experts that were selected to join the Contributors Group of the Changing the Chants-programme. All experts have different backgrounds and have their own unique set of skills, knowledge and expertise within the football domain. The main objective for this diverse group of experts is to help the team produce a Compendium of Good European Practices and transferable Guidelines and Policy recommendations to help football communities across Europe to prevent and deal with anti-semitic behaviour in their local context.

And how do you kick-off a football project? Of course, you do so on the football pitch with a ball at your feet. The meet-the-team was conducted, with several challenging activities, on the pitch of local football club AVV Spartaan. A perfect and fun ‘ice-breaker’ for the team to get to know each other and each other’s love and devotion to the game of football. After the day-opener, several meeting took place in which the project was explained, the research pillar was discussed and the next steps were decided on. The team is ready. Time to go to work.

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